Q. How are bus routes created? Are they the same every year?

A. No, each year we customize our school bus stops and routes to best accommodate the students we will be transporting for that particular school season. We factor in home addresses and the safest main thoroughfares and snow emergency streets in the area to formulate a convenient and effective school bus route that will enable us to safely bring students to school on time. It is our mission to transport students to and from school in a prompt, professional and reliable manner.

Q. What time do students arrive at school?

A. We target our arrival time at the school for somewhere between 7:00 am and 7:45am, and we take into consideration the possibility of traffic and unfavorable weather conditions. This leaves plenty of time for students to arrive before the first bell.

Q. How will I know my child has arrived at destination?

A. You will get a text message immediately after each pick and drop-off from our drivers.

Q. What time are students picked up at school at the end of the day?

A. Our buses are always waiting for your child in their designated area before 9th period dismissal. Students will be advised in advance exactly where these buses are located to avoid any confusion. Regular dismissal time is 3:05 pm, and each child has a reserved seat on their designated bus.

Q. My child may need to stay after regular dismissal. How can they get home on that day?

A. We understand that there are times when a student may need to stay later than regular dismissal time. In fact, we supply additional courtesy buses daily at no additional charge for our students. These courtesy buses follow generic routes that bring our students safely into their borough.

Q. How do I sign up for transportation with GreenLeaf?

A. Signing up is easy. For each child, we must receive a completed and signed Transportation Contract. This contract may be submitted online, or if you choose to mail in your contract, you may download forms from our website. Be sure to check out early registration deadlines for our discounted rates.

Q. Do you provide one-way transportation service for students?

A. Yes, however the cost remains the same. All of our transportation contracts include two-way service. When reserving a seat on a bus, it automatically reserves the seat for that child to and from school on that same bus. A customer may choose to have a child only use the service one way. Please let us know of this exception in advance.

Q. How do you notify customers of any changes or delays?

A. We use a very effective and simple method of communicating with our passengers and parents called Kidz Will Be Kidz Texting that allows us to easily send important messages through mobile devices.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to call our offices .