• Seatbelts must remain on at ALL TIMES!
  • No eating, drinking or smoking on the bus
  • No harmful materials (Drugs, Tobacco, Weapons, Etc...)
  • Keep all parts of your body & all objects inside the bus at all times
  • Keep the noise level down & remain seated facing forward.
  • Keep the aisle clear and no littering, writing, or damaging the bus
  • No use of inappropriate language, disrespect, name calling or shouting at other students or driver
  • Wear mask at all times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Negative COVID-19 test due when child is sent home ill. 

Consequences of Violating the Rules:

  • Verbal Warning
  • Assigned Seat/Parent Notification
  • Cancellation of Services

All occurrences reported by driver will be notified to parents